MyAV roadmap
Below is a list of future planned upgrades to MyAV




Cow-Horse (Planned Version)
DLNA Improvements
New Advanced Settings Menu
Macro Learning
New input buttons


Cow (Current Version)
LG webOS IP Control support
Apple TV Support
PS4 & PS5 Support
Amazon Fire TV Native support
Xbox One Support
Sony/Epson/JVC IP Control
Samsung 2017 TV Q series models
Sony 2017 TV models
Onkyo 2017 AVR models
Yamaha 2017 AVR models
Rotel AVR IP Control Support
Xfinity X1 IP Control
Philips Blu-Ray IP Control
Arcam Solo Movie
Broadlink RM Pro Support IR/RF learning ability
Vizio 2016/2017 SmartCast models
Full SkyHD Germany IP Control
SkyQ IP Control
Infomir IPTV Support





Arcam AVR & Blu-Ray support
Global Cache IR Blaster Support
Anthem AVR support
Samsung H/J/K series TV support
Updated UK, USA & DE Channels
Dish USA Hopper & Joey Support
GigaBlue (Beta) Support
Philips Hue Lighting Support

Dreambox support

Humax HDR-2000T Support
LG 2011/2013 Blu-Ray supportSky
UK Full IP Control
Sky DE Partial IP Control/IR Control
Orvibo IR Blaster Support

Language channel filter


System/room profiles
Harman Kardon AVR support

Support for more than 1 device of the same type in one profile (say 2 BDPs etc..)
Room profile automatic selection using Bluetooth beacons
New advanced settings menu
New add IR device menu
Battery life improvements
Canadian TV Channels

Italian TV Channels
Polish TV Channels



Added extra German channel logs VOX/NTV/N24
Fixed bug with BBC One HD/ITV 1 HD on Sky+HD

Fix for Onkyo TX-NRX3X 2014 models
French channel logos
Australian channel logos
Belgian Channel Logos
Power/Volume/Macro Widgets
Roku/NowTV app logos
Denon Blu-Ray CEC Control (2012-2014 models)

Denon Video/Audio input info
(2012-2014 models)
Austrian Channel Logos
Swiss Channel Logos
Fix for IR on  Samsung Devices with Android 4.4.4 (Galaxy Note 4)


Denon Internet Radio/Spotify browser/USB (2012-2013 models)
Added a list/grid switch for Onkyo/Denon network browsers
Fixed support for HTC IR Blaster
Spanish channel logos
New Zealand channel logos

Philips TV Compatibility
Yamaha Blu-Ray Compatibility
Sony 2012 TV and earlier IR/HDMI 1-4 on suppor


Improved portrait mode
Standalone IR command sets
German Channel Logos
Dutch Channel Logos
Swedish Channel Logos

Channel Logos
Channel Logos
Blu-Ray CEC Control (Onkyo)
Option to renumber channels (drag logo to renumber)
KitKat IR Support
Improved UI load times
LG 2013 TV Compatibility


Keene Kira IR Blaster support
Improved channel changing macro (UK only)
Bug fix for the option of setting the button colours where the volume button changes to the wrong colour

DirecTV support including USA channel buttons

Option to change country selection
Samsung C & D series support
Samsung 2013 Blu-Ray support including power on via IR (where available)

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note3 IR support for Sky+HD (Where the box has been found via IP).
Updated Humax support and added support for the Foxsat HDR
Fixed bug where manually adding a device didn't show as being connected.
Portrait Mode For Phones (DLNA/Net Browser still has to be view using landscape), some functions are only available in Landscape mode (jump to, rename, remove input)
Added source channel icons (2.0/2.1/5.1) for Onkyo & Pioneer
Fixed issue with some Samsung TVs where they would be found but no buttons would work.



Onkyo Internet Radio/Home Media/Spotify browser/USB (Beta)
Samsung GS4/Note3 IR support for switching "on" of Panasonic & Samsung TV's
(Currently when they are turned off using IP they cannot be turned back on, use "All On" to send IR code or switch to TV input when using an AVR)
Fixed bug using back button on some DNLA devices
Power status feedback for Sony Blu-Ray players


AV Receiver Input rename, remove, reorder & Jump-to (Drag input use)
XBMC Support
Fixed issue with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note3 where the app crashed after a the device went to sleep.
Fixed issue where reassigned inputs did not show
Fixed tuner feedback bug
Android keyboard delete key now works with Android 4.4 KitKat
Other bug fixes and performance enhancements

Sky+HD support (Channel and transport control)
Manual IP add option
Performance enhancements & bug fixes
Add extra sounds modes for higher Yamaha models (RXA3030 etc)

Extra Sony 2013 TV models
Samsung TV Current DTV channel feedback (UK Only)
Sony TV Current DTV channel feedback (UK Only) and Power Status
2013 Samsung discrete HDMI inputs 1,2 & 3
Default TV tuner setting (In settings menu for TVs)
Fixed issue with MediaMonkey DLNA server
Fixed issue with changing input assignment on AV Receivers.
Added support for some Roku IPTV boxes including Sky NowTV
Improved volume control responsiveness
Better auto detection for uPnP devices
"Display always on" setting (doesn't work with all Android devices)


Sony 2013 TV range support
DLNA Browser bug fixes
DLNA Browser for more devices TV/Blu-Ray etc..
Improved button response time


Oppo BDP-103/105 support
Choice of button colours for each device
Samsung 2013 Plasma support
Bug fix where some devices could not be found on some networks (Onkyo/Sony)
Full WOL support for Sony Blu-Ray & Sony TVs (Can be powered on by pressing PowerON-ALL or set in the settings menu to power on when MyAV starts)

DLNA fixes and basic playlist function (Long click on music file to add to playlist)
Pioneer Blu-Ray Player return button fix
Yamaha input bugs & extra buttons for Yamaha.
Fixed bug where certain uPNP device names could cause MyAV to crash on startup

Fixed bug where some buttons disappeared
Added a popup menu to buttons where there are multiple options. The buttons have 3 white squares, long-click to bring up all options, short click to toggle through.

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